Rick August, PhD

Crash Analyst

Traffic laws, policies, and outreach programs attempt to influence the decision-making process:

    • of tens of thousands of road users;
    • on any given day;
    • in any given place;
    • in any given emotional state.

For these reasons, traffic crashes are seldom monocausal. Get both the expertise and analysis you need for your litigation.

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Air Brakes

We possess extensive expertise in investigating crashes that involve vehicles fitted with air brakes. There are many fail safes on air brake equipped vehicles; however, brake fade and poor maintenance may lead to the failure of these systems.

Commercial Vehicles

Long-haul truck driving between Ontario, Canada, and the lower-48 in the United States brings a unique viewpoint to crash analysis. Compliance, load security, and defensive driving are all considerations in these crashes.

Passenger Vehicles

Collisions often result owing to drivers’ false conviction in the “I have the right-of-way myth.” The number one crash in North America is rear-end crashes, which supports the notion that almost all drivers are reactionary and following too close.

Recreational Vehicles

Dr. August has extensive experience with both trailering and RV units fitted with air brakes. He has taught new RV owners about air brakes. Also, he has taught safety around pulling a trailer and the importance of conducting vehicle pre-trip inspections.


There are no “fender-benders” on a motorcycle. The size and acceleration of motorcycles leads other road users to misinterpret riders’ intentions. Often, riders are unaware of other vehicle’s blind areas. Get the insight you need into these collisions.

Other Vulnerable Road Users

More than 40% of crashes happen at intersections, often involving vulnerable road users (cyclists and pedestrians). Urban areas pose unique challenges. Defensive driving programs provide road users with strategies to deal with hazards.


In 1997, after more than a decade of driving semi-trucks between Canada and the United States’ lower-48, Rick August became a licensed CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) driving instructor. His CDL experience in combination with his academic background and education bring the strongest possible authority to the analysis of your legal case.

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