Experienced Accident Investigation

Dr. August is committed to providing you with the best analysis for your litigation.

He has the training, education and experience to provide you with a holistic accident investigation.

His unique background and education allows him to bring a holistic perspective to your accident investigation.

This approach will discover details often overlooked by others.

Our Values

Guiding Principles for Lasting Partnerships


We conduct ourselves with the highest level of honesty and transparency in keeping with our duty to the courts. We provide unbiased crash analysis for our clients.


We strive for excellence in every case we undertake. We move to exceed client’s expectations with clear, thorough, and detailed reports that will endure scrutiny.


We embrace traffic safety innovation, accident investigation, and research. We work with clients to bring the strongest argument to their case.


We believe in the power of clear communication with our clients – both oral and written. We do everything in our power to provide clear and detailed analysis for our clients.

Our History

Advancing Your Case with Expert Accident Investigation

In 1997, after more than a decade of driving semi-trucks between Canada and the United States’ lower-48, Rick August became a licensed CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) driving instructor. His CDL experience in combination with his academic background and education bring the strongest possible authority to the analysis of your legal case.

Since becoming a CDL instructor, he has been fascinated by both the problems of driving and how to make drivers safer. In fact, one might say that the problems of driving are more than a fascination for him. In 2006, he graduated with his doctorate in legal history from the University of Melbourne, Australia. There, he looked at traffic problems and how the law and policing worked to control congestion and crashes.

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Most collisions are a result of driver error; however, motorists’ mistakes are often difficult to understand.  And traffic laws, policies, and outreach programs attempt to influence the decision-making process:

    • of tens of thousands of road users;
    • on any given day;
    • in any given place;
    • in any given emotional state.

For these reasons, traffic crashes are seldom monocausal. Get both the expertise and analysis you need for your litigation that seeks compensation for your client.

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In 2015, he founded the Smart Drive Test YouTube channel. There he teaches:

  1. new drivers to pass a road test;
  2. licensed drivers to be smarter and safer
  3. and provides CDL drivers information to start a career as a truck or bus driver.

The YouTube channel now has more than 300K subscribers and has surpassed 50M views.

In addition to the video library, Dr. August has authored the e-books Air Brakes Explained Simply and Driving Test Secrets.

In short, Dr. August has been teaching, writing, making videos, analyzing crashes, and answering questions about how to become a safer, smarter driver for more than three decades.

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Our accident investigation begins with and overview of the crash and the factual information.

After determining the events that caused the crash we examine police reports, the roadway and its traffic signs.

The road users involved and the timing of events that preceded the crash give insights into its causes.

Depositions provide invaluable information and often provide details that are not readily available from police reports and images.

Depositions give an insight into the human factors that relate to the accident.

After analyzing the evidence, depositions, and any reports, a preliminary of the car crash is presented. Afterwards, we proceed with an accident investigation report.